Where is the site?


Victoria Street is one of the main roads into St Albans city centre. It leads directly from St Albans City railway station right into the city centre where it ends at the junction of St Peter’s Street and Chequers Street. 91 Victoria Street sits on the corner of Victoria Street and Upper Lattimore Road, approximately a six-minute walk from St Albans City railway station.

The direct line to London from StAlbans city station (only 18minutes) is a  key factor in the expansion of Victoria Street and continues to have an important impact on the character and potential growth of the area.

The proposed plan aims to preserve this feel by integrating the buildings historical features while at the same time revitalising and modernising its appearance congruently with the surrounding area.

Historically informed design to fit in with the local character

The architecture of the building takes its inspiration from the existing building’s Art Deco architectural style but with some more contemporary features incorporated such as energy efficiency and sustainability.

Woolbro Morris is committed to developments with the highest sustainability initiatives and aspires to carbon neutral housing and the highest energy efficiency.

The adjacent pavement of Upper Latimer Road will be landscaped with a series of planters to visually enhance the street from within and without the building.

Brown field regeneration before Green Belt development

Every Council in the UK is expected to provide land for housing. The Government guidance (NPPF) suggests that all brown field regeneration opportunities need to be fully explored before Green Belt land is sacrificed for housing.

This site on Victoria Street is one of the brown field regeneration opportunities that could provide the housing that otherwise be built on the Green Belt.

An artists impression of the new building planned for 91 – 93 Victoria Street