What is planned for the site?


The proposals for the site aim to replace the building that currently sits on the corner with a part 2 storey and part 4 storey block of flats containing fourteen units accompanied by amenity space, communal facilities and landscaping. The proposals aim to follow the same building lines as the current structure to stay in keeping with adjacent and surrounding buildings on the street. The site will be constructed as to keep in touch with the local décor and design, this will include features such as setback doorways, bay windows and recessed entrances which reflect the style of the Victorian houses further west along the street.

The height of the part of the development that will face onto Victoria Street has been designed not to overly dominate the existing street, scene and character. The structure that faces onto Upper Lattimore Road will be set at two storeys to allow any future builds adjacent to the site to fit in to the local area deprived of any issues regarding incompatibility.

Another key part of the development involves the improvement of the public realm at the corner of Victoria Street and Upper Lattimore Street by incorporating a landscaped strip that will enhance the area’s green space for both residents and the public. Woolbro Morris is committed to providing as much green and open space at this development as possible.

The building is designed to retain the prominent cornerstone structure as the site itself will act as an attractive segregator between the commercial dominant Victoria Street and the residential part that spans down Upper Latimore Road towards St Albans city centre.

To avoid issues regarding inconsistency, the balconies that are proposed will be inset from the main street to increase privacy for residents and will act to stop balconies protruding out onto the street, which would be out of character with the nature of the road.

The building itself has been designed to retain the similar look of other Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian structures in the area. Brick will be used as the main building material with various details around the outside which is harmonious with the context within which it is set.

More artist impressions of the proposed building.

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