Residential tenure – a closer look

The new building would have fourteen flats divided between four floors and with a commercial unit.

The plans are for:

  • seven two-bedroom flats, and
  • seven one-bedroom flats

The sizes will be 71.28m2 to 86.10m2 for the two-bedroom apartments and 54.63 to 57.97m2 for the one-bedroom respectively. These sizes are all much bigger than the national minimum standards.

Ground Floor Plans:

The proposal is for 14 residential units on 91 Victoria Street.

The ground floor space will be made up of two residential units – two two-bedroom flats. The windows of the ground floor units will be set between 1.5m and 3m in from the road to provide privacy and separation from the public realm outside. Each ground floor flat will have a front and a back door. All ground floor units will also be dual aspect allowing them to have private terraces and garden areas.

There will also be a shop unit on Victoria Road, making this mixed use.

Ground Floor plans
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First Floor plans
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First Floor Plans:

The first floor will have six residential units: five one bedroom units and one two bedroom unit.

Access to the floors above the ground floor will be granted by way of a lift and stair access.

All units above the ground floor will have amenity space in the form of a recessed balcony or a shared terrace.

Second Floor Plans:

The second floor is comprised of two one-bedroom flats and two two-bedroom flats.

As the northern unit is omitted from the second floor, this allows for the possibility of a terrace which could be used to provide further communal and amenity space for residents.

Second Floor plans
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Third Floor plans
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Third Floor Plans:

The third floor will be made up of two larger two-bedroom flats that would be set back from the building line of the flats below it.

This allows more space for third floor flats to have extra terrace space on the roof while not being too imposing on the street below it.

Outside amenity space

The two two-bedroom flats on the ground floor will each have their own terrace garden facing away from the street. The flat facing Upper Latimore
Street would also have an additional terrace, providing privacy. All other apartments will either have access to a private balcony or a shared terrace.
Due to the Town Centre location of this proposed development, the development will be car free.