Please complete our feedback form below and share your thoughts with us on our proposals before 17 September 2021.

Do you agree that previously developed land regenerations such as the proposal for 91 - 93 Victoria Street should be prioritised over Green Belt developments?(Required)
Do you agree that this part of Victoria Street could do with regeneration to improve the shopping experience?(Required)
Do you think it is a good idea to build a new building that re-provides the shop and adds flats above it?(Required)
The new building is designed in such a way that it will look almost exactly like the current building. Do you agree that it is good to retain this historic architectural heritage?(Required)
The building is designed to the latest energy saving and sustainability specifications. Do you agree that buildings need to look to the future and reduce the carbon impact they have?(Required)
The apartments will be specifically aimed and marketed to people who want a town centre home and do not require parking provision, instead using public transport, cycling and walking. Do you agree that this is a good incentive?(Required)
Are you or someone you know interested in obtaining one of the apartments (whether to buy or to rent through a Housing Association)?(Required)