Benefits of the Development

Due to the makeup of Victoria Street, a residential development of this kind should be welcomed into the local developmental ecosystem. Victoria Street is lacking in residential units, it is currently made up of a mixture of commercial space and office space which gives the impression that the road is lacking in life and energy after 5pm.

As the site is situated right between the main rail link and the vibrant city centre it evokes the sense that this space has been overlooked regarding its huge potential for development and subsequent stimulation to the local economy.

By introducing residential space into the area, it will work to increase footfall for local businesses and hopefully spark a drive to regenerate more of the surrounding locality, as it appears to have been neglected in comparison to other areas of St Albans which, are mostly, very picturesque, and well looked after.

The driving of local business is particularly important now given the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggles local businesses have recently been faced with.

Regeneration of this site will no doubt refresh the image of the street, encourage other developments of its kind in the nearby area and boost the local economy.

Benefit of homes in the heart of St Albans

This site is surrounded by a plethora of amenities and services, serving both
everyday, essential needs and leisure. This includes shops, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and parks within minutes on foot, as well as places of cultural and historic interest, such the cathedral and the Verulamium Museum.

It also has excellent transport connections, with bus stops on Victoria Street itself and St Albans City Station within 400 metres, facilitating easy access to nearby towns and London.